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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Your face is nice today!

I was on my way to class yesterday when a group of students stopped me to say hello. As i only taught them last semester, i tried to recall their names. They were quite shocked but happy when i mentioned their names one by one. I then asked them how they were getting on this semester before making my way to class. I took a few steps down the stairs when suddenly one of them shouted, "madam!". I looked up to face the student. He grinned and said, "your face is nice today!" before making a dash. For a few seconds i stood still...speechless. I didn't really know what he meant by saying that my face is nice. Does it mean that my face is normally horrible? Perhaps he wanted to say that i looked cheerful or may be he just wanted to say that i looked nice. I'm just going to take his words as a compliment. Only God knows what he really meant...

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Mrs. Gardener said...

looked nice only today la...other days no nice aaa...ahk..ahk..