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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Donald Trump is an elephant?

Q: What do you call an elephant without a trunk?
A: A useless trumpet?
A: Knock, knock!
B: Who's there?
A: Trump
B: Trump who?
A: Trump...an elephant with a long trumpet!
My bachelor students were taught ways to define concepts, objects, processes etc yesterday. After a lengthy explanation, i finally asked them to define "an elephant". They already know that the definition has to start of with the general class of the word they wish to define, so nearly all of them shouted, "an animal". Then they tried to provide more specific characteristics that may differentiate an elephant from other animals. Big ears, very big body, grey in color are among the characteristics given. A rather plump student then added, "long nose" and his answer sets the class to burst into laughters. Trying to control myself from laughing, i quickly corrected him and said, "my dear, the long nose is what we call a trunk..T-R-U-N-K". Just when everybody was about to stop laughing, another student then called out, "thorns"! while another student instantaneouly corrected him and said, "horns" laa! I knew straightaway where they were heading to. They were looking for the word, T-U-S-K-S. I truly admired their confidence though i was in the verge of bursting my tummy. The rest of the class seemed to be lead into this chain of confusion. I was about to clear the air when another student confidently blurted the word, "trump" laaa.?! when what he really meant was the word, T-R-U-N-K. Perhaps he sees an elephant trunk resembling a trumpet??? I bet Mr. Donald Trump is not going to be very happy if he hears this one!


Mrs. Gardener said...

Ha..ha..ha...you leave my belly ruptured if you have more of this brilliant joke. how helpless :-%

Mrs. Gardener said...

by the way, where do you get that cute elephant??

matahati said...

i am some what amazed by how my students think sometime:P