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Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Boy, Can you Boy?"

One day, I had to replace a part-time lecturer to teach a group of semester one students. I decided to explain to them about the different parts of speech i.e. nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. To ensure they fully understood the lesson, I came up with a few activities that involved all of the students in the class. I was happy when they seemed to be confident with their answers. They even managed to provide me with correct examples of verbs. I spent the rest of the hours explaining to them the other parts of speech. Just before I end the class, I thought of testing their understanding again. I always like some kind of reassurance. So I wrote on the whiteboard the sentence: 'The boy is clever' and asked them which word class does the word "boy" belongs to? To my surprise the students shouted out "verb"! I asked the one who answered the loudest, "can you sing?"...he confidently replied, "yes". I continued to ask him, "can you eat?" and he gave the same reply. I asked him, "can you play?" and he straightaway replied, "yes". Then I popped him the question, "so, can you boy?"....with a quizzical expression he turned to face his friend. For a moment there was a complete silence. Nobody dared to say anything. I waited patiently for his answer. He then turned to face me and with an innocent look and shakily answered... "no madam, i like women" :P

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Mrs. Gardener said...

teaching can always be either fun or the complete opposite.
Once, my student wrote," the fireman came out from the building pregnant", well, he mean, the fireman manage to save and carry a baby out of the flame.Sigh!