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Friday, January 30, 2009

S.O.S I'm drowning!

School holidays are always something that everybody, especially kids, would look forward to. Amidst the hectic work schedule, school breaks are perhaps the only time for a majority of people to enjoy getting together with their family and friends.

We are fortunate as Malaysia provides many interesting destinations for families to enjoy their holidays. Some may choose to hike into the jungle, ride in entertainment parks while some will choose the waterfall, the beach or even spend a few days at fancy or budget hotels. Where the holiday spots are is not an issue here as the bottom line is everybody just wants to relax and be happy. Unfortunately however, for some people, school holiday trips may rekindle sad or traumatic memories. What should have been a happy family trip to the beach can turn sour if one of the family members or friends suddenly went missing and were later discovered drowned.

When school holidays arrive, there are bound to be reported cases of people drowning. Up till now, what have we done to decrease the number of drowned cases? What we see in the newspapers are merely news reporting these unfortunate happenings.

I believe that it is about time that our government should introduce a practical mechanism to curb these mishaps. Why can’t we encourage schools to provide swimming lessons to kids as a means to equip them with one of the most essential survival skills i.e. swimming? If schools in the western countries can allocate a day in a week for teachers to take their students to the nearest swimming pool, then why can’t we work towards that? At the swimming pools or centers, children can spend a few hours to be taught on the safety precautions while they learn how to swim. Advance learners may then opt to be trained as lifeguards.

No doubt that swimming brings us an abundant of joy and benefits to our health; it is also a skill vital for our kids’ survival. By having the skill, children can enjoy water activities more and parents can have a peace of mind knowing that at least their children are aware of some basic strokes and safety precautions when they are out in the sea, in the lake or even in a swimming pool.

So why wait until more lives are taken? Take a small step towards saving more lives. Let’s all act now.

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Mrs. Gardener said...

I'm drowning too, in so far empty promises, yet to be fulfilled. If only I knew how...