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Thursday, May 24, 2007

"house-husband" anyone?

This is more towards strengthening family ties in our modern society. I somehow believe that house-husbands can promote better family lives.

Previously, the division of labour in our traditional society was very clear (husband = breadwinner, wife = housewife). Nowadays women are working alongside their husband to help support the family. So....if the women are assisting the men, husbands must also be willing to lend a hand at home. This can ensure that everybody takes part in running the family affairs. As a result- everybody can enjoy quality life with their family. Having someone you love assisting you at home can also help to alleviate stress and can restore the concept of "Home Sweet Home".

Actually, this 'house hubby' concept is not a new matter. Our Prophet Muhammad SAW served as a very good example. I also believe that many husbands out there have long practiced becoming house-hubby but there are still many who remain ignorant. Some go to the extent of abusing their wife (not only physically but emotionally). If we are not emotionally stable, our productivity at work can be affected.

The way i look at our family institution nowadays is that it is not changing for the better. Plus, our celebrities, who have, unfortunately, became the society's role model, are not setting a good example. Society is constantly exposed to strings of divorce cases and immoral activities mostly received through media (do i hear myself blaming the media again!). It is alarming that some of us can no longer appreciate the value of matrimonial relationship and family kinship!

So women... should men be encouraged to become “house-husbands”? For men...drop your ego dead and offer your wife some assistance. After all, you claim yourself to be superior. Make full use of the strength that God has bestowed upon you in a right way. What do you think?


Saline Solution said...

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matahati said...

I wrote it after a male friend asked me to raise some issues concerning women. I got so pissed off when he just laughed at the idea and talked about safeguarding the male ego. Again, different people may have different perspectives.

kalamuaz said...

keep up your writing!