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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Akademi Fantasia = A Dream World

This has been forwarded to me a few days ago. At first, it is no doubt funny but when you come to think of it...perhaps there is some truth in this...
What do you think about the role of our media nowadays? Do you see media as an agent to educate the society? Do you think that the programmes screened in our TV are selected and controlled accordingly? To what extent should we comply with globalization? Do we need to sacrifice our own values and culture just to be at par with other developed society? Define modern, please!
Why don't you try asking your friends or young kids to name some academician and scholars. After that, try to ask them to give names of celebrities or artists that they know. You will then, have a list that demonstrates the contrast between academic contribution and soceiety's recognition of artists. Now, answer my questions: is our media doing enough to educate the society? are academic contributions receiving enough coverage?
The big question is...where are we leading our generation to now? Are we trying to just create more entertainers who will later invite us into their dream world? There is no doubt that programmes such as Akademi Fantasia is opening wider opportunities for people to become artists but somehow, the surplus of these reality shows have managed to lure teenagers to achieve fame and wealth without the need to further studies. Even without education, you can be famous and successful. Why cannot there be a balance?
So what's your choice? Would you spend the rest of your life dreaming in a world of fantasy?

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