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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Don't Panic...Let's Get Addicted!

I came to the office today with an open heart and a new spirit to tend to my "baby". I thought of "feeding" it with some new thoughts. But as I logged on to my blog, I was panic stricken when I couldn't figure out how to post a new comment. I know... I know...I am not really a computer savvy but if other bloggers can survive why can't I? Depressed? Yes! Definitely! Yet again, why should I succumb to such a minimal challenge? Refusing to let my flame of enthusiasm diminish, I am so determined this time to not bury another "baby". So I started to ask around and before long, though my question still lingered, a blogging epidemic has started to spread across the room. Some of my fellow friends showed interest and some even voiced out the intention of getting their own "baby". What great news! But I have my own question to address to so I got back to my own blog and put my thinking cap on. I tried every possible means to find my way out of this maze. Yes! Trial and error has always been a good teacher and as you can tell... I managed to post this one. So friends, whenever you are stuck...don't panic...go back to your "baby", get to know it and before you realize, you are already addicted.


Nazhatulshima Nolan said...

Glad that it's 'contagious'. Sometimes when I am too much into writing, I could even write till I did't sleep. I guess that happens to professional writers. When the creative juice flows,it's hard to stop.

matahati said...

Contagious? Yes, it is! I have also urged my students to start blogging and i was astonished to figure out that some of them have long entered the blogoshere. Perhaps the 'juice' will get 'juicier' with the presence of more edubloggers.