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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Genius Gift

My neighbour’s son scored straight A’s for his exam so my mother decided to reward him with a small gift. After spending some time at the bookstore, my mother finally spotted a vibrant colored pencil case, which she figured, would be a delight to the boy. Bearing in mind that the boy also has a little sister, my mother thought that it would be fair to purchase a small gift for her too. My mother then reached out for a nice pink pencil case which costs a little less than the one picked for the brother. Upon returning home, my 8-years old daughter, who was excited and curious about the gifts, pulled out the pink pencil case and asked me, “Mummy, who will be getting this one?” Thinking that she was just asking for the obvious answer due to her jealousy, I asked her, “why?” Returning my accusing glance with her round innocent eyes, she said, “because if it’s meant for me, I don’t want it.” Shocked to receive such a response, again I asked for her reason. She then called out, “it is nice but here it says - I wanna be a monkey - and that’s the last thing I would want to be.”

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