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Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope it is still not too late to wish all a happy new year. May this new year bring us a lot of strength and determination to accomplish our resolutions. Talking about new year resolutions...i'm sure everybody strives to do better for the months to come. It's just that for most of us... we come to realise that at the end of the year...some resolutions are just forgotten and forsaken. Some goes down the drain and cease to exist in our conscience. Better still some unaccomplished mission are recycled for next year. Whatever it is...having aims is better than not having any. At least it shows our concern to upgrade ourselves. Having the right conscience and awareness is good enough as a start. Again, what's the point of having idealistic or unrealistic aims if you know that they are going to be beyond your reach. Aim low but score high so that at the end of the year...you'd be surprised at how well you've managed to achieve. Take small steps but be consistent (istiqamah). From an Islamic point of view...everything starts with the right intention (niah). It sets you on the right track and even at some point when you unintentionally go astray...your sincere niah will guide you back insyaAllah. So all the best and may your days to come be filled with Allah's blessings! Bon courage!

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