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Friday, April 4, 2008

BrEaK a LeG!

The semester is approaching the end. My students are scattered everywhere, trying to complete their final assignment. My semester 3 diploma students are preparing their resume and nervously getting ready for their mock job interview. My semester 3 bachelor students are preparing for their speech presentation while my semester 4 bachelor students are going to factories and companies to interview their choosen personality. The personality has to be the decision maker for the company. He/she must be someone who has obtained a certain level of success in life in order to share his/her success stories. I hope my students can make the best of their tasks. As the lecturer, i am always anxious to know the ending to all these. Will my students impress me or will they dissapoint me? I have given them all my best and now it is time for them to give me their's. To all my students....you have my prayers and my best wishes. Just go for it and break a leg!

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