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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here we go again! There's So Much To do in So Little Time

Hi everyone, it's me again...

I attended a meeting yesterday and I sat beside a friend who occassionally checks my blog whenever she needs something to bore her to death. She told me that she has viewed this blog a few times but there were no changes a.k.a. no new posting = booooriiiiing..HAHAHAHA! Electrified, I took her comment positively and straightaway signed in only to be welcomed by a photo of Jimmy's sister/brother, who would have probably by now been married off to some other chicks or even shared the same fate as Jimmy (God bless!) I then asked myself...what has been hindering me from writing? And as any guilty person would do...I will try to justify myself by providing this long list of excuses. I know that they may seem lame, but at the end of the day, I'm just too tired to even lift my own finger. So guys, I just want to share with you what goes on in my life nowadays. So here goes... I didn't manage to post any new comments merely because...

First: I WAS and AM still extremely bogged down with work. Every second of my time is filled with classes as well as their preparations. I am kept busy by having to prepare class notes for the semester. The previous practice was to adopt books so all I had to do was to revise and to study the books. Unfortunately this semester, I had to come up with my own set of notes for my students. This means...burying myself in books and getting my eyes glued to the internet- browsing websites for potential materials. Believe me... it is always a challenge to start anything from scratch. Plus, students just won't allow me to rest after class (awwwwwww my poor throat and my poor feet!) HEY! Who's complaining? After all I don't exist if they don't. They are our customers and they deserve to be served. HAIL! Your Majesty!

Second: I seriously need to consider streamyx at home. Ideas do come unexpectedly especially at times when you are alone... or at times when that tiny pinch of privacy is given to you.

Third: I think I need a reliable housekeeper but my husband is not really keen on having one. I guess he enjoys the privacy. Well, I was doing ok all the while until my daughter starts schooling. My life suddenly revolves around her schedule and everything is going up-side-down. I have tried to train her to be independent: she showers herself and gets her own school uniform (which I have neatly coded according to the 5 days). She reads and finishes her homework all by herself. All I need to do is just check her books after everything is done. I know she is a very helpful girl but we are still at the initial stage where we have to gradually improve. Despite all that, she is doing rather well. It's me! I am the one still struggling to survive our new regime and by only having one car makes matters severely more chaotic! Moreover, my hubby, Mr A, is busy as the election is around the corner. Mind you, Mr A is incharged of the operation. There were even times when I had to fetch him from work past midnight! Imagine having to cradle my daughter down the stairs and tucking her into the car. I had to drag her along... I can't leave her alone at home, can i? Well, from the way I see it, my schedule can be divided into two parts: morning (getting ready for work) and evening (coming back from work).

The first round of my exercise starts at around 6am. With my eyes still half-opened or even half-closed (i can never tell the difference), I'd be rushing down the stairs to catch a quick shower. I'd prepare a bottle of milk for my daughter before luring her out of bed. This process has to be done in a diplomatic manner if I don't want to initiate a morning battle (I can't afford to have any.) I then coax her into taking the shower (mind you, this is one of the greatest challenge.) While she showers, i'd take the opportunity to perform subh and iron my outfit for the day... Again, the choice of clothes would depend on the amount of time that I have to iron:)

I'd then prepare breakfast (a slice of bread with fried egg/cheess, a glass of hot drink and vitamins/supplement). No one should leave the house on a empty stomach! When everybody's ready, we'd rush to drop her off to school. Then my husband (who I have awarded one of the best F1 drivers in Bangi) would "cilok" to send me to my office before speeding to his. At work, i'd be rushing to classes and if not, i'd me stuck to my chair, eyes fixed on the PC.

The evening regime is less stressful but most of the time, i am just nackered! My husband would pick me up after picking up my daughter from school. While in the car, we'd try to have little chat about school and how our days went. We then either head straight to have dinner outside or we'd go home, get washed, pray and enjoy a simple dinner (which sometimes means just fish fried with lots of onion strips and garlic to go along with "bayam".) We'd enjoy the meal together and again try to catch up on the happennigs for the day. I'd then sit together with my daughter to help her with her homework until everything is done. She'd then arrange the books according to her time-table before going to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Mr A would then head off to the office.

Before long, it was already 10pm and after reading a short bedtime story...we'd all go to sleep... only to dream of tomorrow's regime...zzz

Fourth: Here is my formula that I use to make up my weekends: Washing+cleaning+mopping+brushing+hoovering+ironing+pruning+gardening+jogging+ shopping+cooking+sorting = a truly exausted working mum @ me.

Conclusion: I guess the list can go on and on but the conclusion for my long silence is that I simply am too busy...overworked and overdosed LOL! I know that everybody is given equal amount of time. But it boils down to the way we manage it. I guess I have to learn the act of managing my time and balancing my life in order to fulfil all my responsibilities including making sure that I feed my blog whenever time permits.
Anyone else suffering the same predicament?

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