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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Campus Drama: Everyone is Working

The new semester has just started. The academic theatrical stage is again brought to life with so many interesting performances. The everyday drama that takes place at ever corner of the campus never fails to fascinate and entertain me. No matter where you go, you will always encounter a different story with different plots and different characters. Different locations provide different incidents.
In the lecturer's office, there will be lecturers who simply have no time to even greet each other. They just sit in front of the computer - busy preparing notes for the students. There are those poor lecturers who get burried under piles of documents that need to be signed and stamped that they can barely lift their heads up. There are also the 'athletes': those who would rush up and down the stairs, in and out of the photocopy room to print supplementary notes. Entering the photocopy room is like going to the clinic. You go into the room and try to locate (amidst the mountainous bundles of printed papers) the skinny, overworked, and stressful looking photocopy staff who you'd sweetly coax into giving you the privilege and allowing you to jump the queue. If you are lucky, the pretending-not-to-be-agitated "adik" will comply. At times, this machiavellian strategy may end up futile when the photocopy machines just refuse to cooperate! Arghhhhhhh! What can we do? Get ourself our own photocopy machine? Nah! Anyway, lets look at some lecturers who are weight-lifters. They can be seen dashing to classes while heaving heavy laptop bag, projector or even books and handouts. If this is not enough, some lecturers are even stalked and chased by students who wish to repeat, add, drop subjects or transfer credit. The lecturers' room is somehow turned into what seems to be a noisy marketplace! Students, on the other hand, are also carrying out their roles well. Most of the time, they can be seen running to classes. There are those who'd be suffering from the normal "start-of-the-semester-enthusiasm syndrom" aka "hot-hot-chicken-#@*! You see them in the resource center, browsing the net or revising books. Unfortunately, the drive ceases to exist as the semester moves on. It's like making positive new year resolutions that may only last for 2 weeks before you totally forget about them Uhuk!Uhuk! There are also those who choose to lead a peaceful and stressfree life. These students are the "take-it-easy" or "relax-lah-babe" students who simply enjoy taking their own sweet time. They know that they should arrive to class on time but their couldn't-be-bothered attitude just consoles their feeling. Whatever it is, there are so many new faces around, assuming customised roles. Perhaps that is the beauty of a campus life. It is where we share laughters and tears! Bon Courage!

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