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Friday, March 30, 2007

Yes! PERSISTENCE is the Word

Yes I know that it has been quite a while since i've posted any new entries. I don't even have any valid reasons for not doing so. it is not that i've not been writing, let alone thinking. I have saved a number of posts but i just dont feel like posting them yet. But as i promised to myself...this blog has to keep breathing.

I guess persistence is an interesting word to discuss. Personally, i think it is the backbone to success. One may be patient but may not have the persistence but one who is persistent must be patient. I was in one of my degree classes yesterday, when one of the few female students in the class confided to me that she didn't have much hope in her studies. her technical subjects are too heavy for her to shoulder. i studied her face as she was expressing her wish to quit. there was a pinch of bitterness in her tone. though she seemed genuine i could sense her dilemma.

i, on the other half, was also in a dilemma. was i in the position to say anything? plus...what should i say? i wanted to avoid saying things that can be damaging!

while trying to answer to my conscience, i decided to share with her my own experience. how can someone be wrong when talking about their own life?

so i told her about my life as a student and how at times i felt like quitting. when i just entered the first year, i was always cloaked with an inferiority complex. there were at times when i cloisetered away in my dorm room and cried. My world seemed so complicated and my journey to success looked impossible. there were times when i was made to believe that i've made the wrong choice....a deadliest mistake of my life to be in the institution and undertaking the course. time passed by. despite the trials and tribulations, i kept pushing myself. everyday, i would tell to myself that the only way to be at par with the top students is to take the extra length. i was aware that we didn't start off at the same starting point. i knew that i was not the brainiest but i made sure that i was among the most hardworking students. i gave my best only to realise that i was finally catching up with them. looking at it now, i somehow believe in being persistent.

i asked the student to picture herself if she were to quit. i asked her to imagine what her future would be if she were to persist.

i cannot say much or do much for the student. The decision is in her hands. i can only assure that success does not always come easy. life is not life without challenges. After all, life is like a rollercoaster, filled with ups and downs Wouldn't you agree?

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Ed said...

Yeah, I do agree. There is no joy without challenger.